Award-Winning Learning Experiences

We use digital learning technology to help people develop human skills.

Outstanding learning design enables us to integrate a range of digital learning activities to establish understanding and transform practice.  The learning experience is central to all that we do; we want people to use what they learn at work every day.  Examples of areas covered include:

  • Leading People

  • Building Diverse Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Innovation, Culture & Transition

Fostering the conditions for change

We want to inspire and enable people to become the authors of their own change.  External "fixes" have limited impact.  Owning the ideas, collaborating, developing prototypes, implementing new approaches which meet client/customer need are all possibilities.  And you cannot switch these behavious on like a tap.   We can work with you on topics including:

  • Creating a Culture Fit for Change

  • Connection and Creativity

  • Design Thinking

  • Navigating Transitions

Online Team Events & Celebrations

For serious connection or just for fun, get together to do something a bit different online

We are blessed to know some seriously cool folk who can offer you art, poetry and music to take people "out of the box" when working remotely, either in combination with some behavioural awareness work as part of a wider team-building effort, or just for fun.  With expert guidance and no pressure, you and your team can enjoy a shared activity to renew and restore relationships.  And you can print out the product of your efforts and put it on the fridge! 

We offer online sessions in:

  • Spoken word poetry workshops 

  • Creating simple artistic images with pencil and paper

  • Rhythm and music-making

Webinar Hosting & Meeting Facilitation

Create connection and engagement, manage contributions and generate outcomes

Sometimes people and teams need some third party expertise to help them shine.  We can bring your online interactions alive either by facilitating powerful meetings or designing a webinar to showcase your talent, share your message and keep your audience hooked.

Learning Design for Subject-Matter Experts

We can help you share your expertise with internal & external stakeholders

Show people how easy working with you can be!  We can help you to let your expertise shine by unlocking key messages and designing learning using a range of digital delivery methods to stimulate engagement and providing people with practical, accessible content.

Individual & Team Coaching

Stand alone and
programme-related coaching

We offer executive coaching from a cohort of qualified and experienced coaches for individuals and teams.  We believe that people are resourceful and are best placed to develop ideas, insight and actions for themselves.  Coaching brings learning to the level of individual or team practice; the secret seat of all change!


Keynote, panel discussion and webinar presentation

Nicola Jones, founder and owner of Athena Professional, loves to scan the horizon.  She also has her own ideas about what matters.  A former barrister and accomplished speaker, Nicola enjoys interacting with audiences at global and national events, as well as contributing to panel discussions and webinars.

Introductory Consultation

Confidential conversation without obligation

You may be facing an organisational transition as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic.  Or you may be aware of the need to learn and shift focus to actively embrace change.  Whatever challenges you face, talking through needs, options and possibilities is a great way to start.  Do get in touch for an informal conversation online to share ideas and potential approaches.


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