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Coaching & Mentoring practices improve productivity, engagement and overall wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations.



One-to-one coaching is purposeful, structured and involves both support and challenge.  Done well, by a qualified and experience coach, coaching helps people to flourish.
At team level, developing coaching skills can help line managers and leaders to become more effective by helping them to adapt their style and flex their approach to meet the needs of the situation and the people concerned.  
At an organisational level, self-aware colleagues who are engaged in positive dialogue with their teams are able to notice people’s needs and offer appropriate support and challenge in a timely way.  When combined with strong listening and questioning skills, this ability to notice becomes a powerful source of organisational intelligence. 

We are proud to use Lumina Learning psychometric tools to help people deepen their self-awareness and develop emotional intelligence.  Lumina also provides a range of digital tools to support self-coaching over time which add value and encourage on-going applied learning.

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In contrast to coaching, mentoring is intended to be directive i.e. the mentor offers their perspective, advice and guidance, as well as listening to, supporting and challenging their colleague.  It is usually provided by someone who is not involved in the line management of the mentee.

Mentoring benefits both the mentor and the person being mentored (the “mentee” – I know, not a great word). The mentee can tap into their colleague’s experience and knowledge. The mentor learns a great deal too by way of the skills needed to enable and support another person, and by discovering how that person sees and responds to the world.  

Mentoring is a great vehicle for intergenerational working. Don’t assume it's always the senior person who does the mentoring!  “Reverse” mentoring is a powerful way for senior people to understand and connect with different perspectives and experience.

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