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Culture can be summed up as “the way we do things round here”.  

When working on culture its essential to be honest about the reality of the behaviour, tone and sentiment evidenced at work every day. 

We can help you articulate what your business stands for so that you can work to your strengths and create a positive culture for change.


Changes in
Legal Practice

It is widely agreed that over the next decade, the way legal services are delivered will change significantly.  

Rising to the challenge of creating new ways of working whilst delivering client services is incredibly demanding.  Individuals and firms need support in order to avoid an “ostrich-like” response: keeping your head buried does not mean the danger goes away!

Our invitation is to face into the challenge and figure out what to keep and what to let go.  That starts at a personal level, by being self-aware, learning how change affects you and how you can adapt, collaborate and contribute to creating change.

Defining Culture

Your business story – does everyone know where your business began and the milestones which have shaped it along the way?  What stories of triumph, disaster and determination does your business history have to offer?  Knowing how your business arrived at this point, allows you to contribute to the story of its ongoing success.
Purpose & values – looking forward, what do you see?  Do you know what your business purpose is? What do you stand for day-to-day and how is that manifest in the way you work?  What are you collectively trying to achieve that can connect you with your colleagues and pull clients towards you?

Agreed behaviours – defining how the business brings its values to life gives individuals the tools to manage their own behaviour and others’ behaviour.  Without setting expectations we cannot hold ourselves and other people to account. Without accountability, positive working cultures cannot survive.

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