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Lawyers and allied professionals of the future will bring human skills to digitally enabled services.


Focus will shift more profoundly to meeting clients “where they are”.

Individual and collective emotional intelligence will be the hallmark of the most successful legal practices. 
Underpinning this shift is a culture of continuous learning.  
We help firms deploy continuous learning as a powerful mechanism for change.


Human Skills

The legal sector has begun to pivot away from delivering legal services in traditional ways, towards delivering the services in ways that work for the client.  “Client experience” has become a fundamental part of firms’ offering.

Increasingly, lawyers and allied professionals will need to flex their human skills, including being adaptable and creative, collaborating with people with different expertise and experience, and coaching skills.

This is tricky territory in terms of learning: assumptions abound.  We are expert at getting beyond the bluff and inviting people to engage deeply with how they show up now, and what might be needed to develop skills for the future.

Lawyer as a Coach

In the future lawyers and allied professionals will support client experience by taking a coaching approach.


Digital tools will facilitate the delivery of legal expertise, with the lawyer taking the time to connect deeply with client need, offering support and guiding the client towards positive outcomes.  

Firms which make this change will find that their clients feel better understood and able to share what really matters to them.  Colleagues will feel less pressure to “cut to the chase” and take more time to focus on discovering underlying client need.  Increased work satisfaction will contribute to attracting and retaining outstanding people.

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Continuous Learning Strategy

We are keen to help clients think strategically about learning.


We help align business strategy with learning effort, creating a coherent approach so that colleagues understand the direction of travel, buy-in to outcomes, and are motivated to demonstrate new skills and attitudes in practice.


What impact do you want your learning strategy to have?

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