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Creating cohesion in hybrid teams - finding new ways of working for 2024

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Time & Location

18 Jan 2024, 12:30 – 13:30


About this event

Are you reading this from the comfort of your home? Maybe you are from a cafe, or even an overseas retreat. What about your team? Where are they right now? Whilst lockdown is now a distant memory for many, the legacy that it has left us is still very much alive. Employees want the flexibility to work from home and despite firms pushing to get teams back into the office, hybrid-working will be the reality for 2024 and beyond. There are real concerns about the impact of hybrid working on organisational identity, productivity, and connectedness, for example. Is it possible to create a sense of belonging, foster trust, and encourage learning in a hybrid work format? We know that cohesive teams have lower staff turnover, work better as a unit, and benefit from increased motivation and productivity. They also tend to be held together by a work culture that embraces each individual and creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and fun. Join Claire Rason from Client Talk and Nicola Jones from Athena Profesional, as we think about how to create cohesion in hybrid teams. Ever since the pandemic Claire and Nicola have been working with organisations to help create collaborative and creative cultures regardless of team location. Culture is the glue that holds organisations and teams together. It is hard to quantify and perhaps most apparent when working in an office where the culture is weak and poor behaviours create a “toxic” atmosphere. Are you thinking about how to improve your culture in 2024? Join us on the 18th of January to find out what steps you can take to bring your team together.

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